What do you mean by "being saved?"
Being saved, or being "born again," is the instant a person truly accepts God's free gift of salvation through the finshed work of Jesus Christ on the cross. When God's salvation becomes the most important issue in a person's life, God reveals the simplicity of His salvation to that person. Realizing that their sins are taking them to hell, the moment that person accepts God's free gift, they are saved eternally from Hell and the Lake of Fire, and are immediately on the way to heaven. People have gotten saved while at home, at work, and even driving their cars. It doesn't matter where you are, what matters is if you decide to turn to God for His salvation.

What is a Gospel Meeting?
On Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM, one of the brethren speaks to those assembled, and from the Bible, tells us what God requires in order for a person to go to heaven when they die.

Are you affiliated with the "Kingdom Hall" Jehovah Witnesses?
No. Unlike the Jehovah Witnesses, we do not believe that good works will get a person to heaven. We are a non-denominational group that is not affiliated with any other sect or denomination.

Do you have women ministers in your organization.
No. God's Word is specific about the role of the man and women within the Church. God is specific in 1st Corinthians 14:35, "Let your women keep silence in the church: for it is not permitted unto them to speak." God is speaking here of a woman speaking during the service or during worship. Only the men partake in the meetings and in vocal prayer. This does not mean that a woman cannot speak at all once she walks in the door. There is plenty of normal conversation that takes place when a service is not in session. This simply means that women are not permitted to preach to the congregation or pray out loud during worship.

Women have been chosen by God as instruments in his hand from the dawn of time. The greatest event of history was brought about through a woman when the incarnation took place. The Scripture is full of the devoted service of godly women. The Lord Jesus healed, saved, taught and blessed them. He received the aid of women and they were outstanding in their devotion to Him. The New Testament abounds with the godly, selfless service of women of God, but it was not in the sphere of public preaching or teaching, but involves being fellow-helpers in the work of the gospel and in many other areas of Christian service in missionary lands and in the home field. Women do take active participation in non-leadership roles, like teaching Sunday School to the children.